You read the headline right, my friends. According to a new study in Finland, liver damage caused by drinking too much booze, can be helped by simply drinking coffee.

Is this a dream?

As most of us know, drinking heavily can damage the liver. Well, people with liver disease show higher levels of gamma-glutamyl transferase (GGT) in their blood. Men in the study who drank more than 24 alcoholic drinks a week, or about 3.5 drinks daily, had the highest levels of the liver enzyme.

But, for dudes who were heavy drinkers and gulped down five or more cups of coffee daily, the study showed a 50 percent reduction in GGT compared with men who drank no coffee.

Some doctors have said that even though the study is out there, people shouldn't be running out to drink more coffee and think it will cancel the affects of heavy drinking. But, you're saying there's a chance, right?

Bad news, ladies. The study showed no significant association between coffee consumption and GGT levels in female drinkers.

So, anybody up for a shot of Crown and coffee?