You know, just the other day I was rolling around in my pool filled with $100 bills. I asked my Swedish Bikini model servant to surf the internet for me and tell me all the cool things that hit the world. She just happened to stumble upon a brand new yacht called the Tropical Island Paradise that has been designed by a British yacht company. Here’s some of the perks you get with this dingy. It’s 295 feet long, so its almost your very own floating football field. Obviously it has a helicopter landing pad because no one rides a boat to their boat, that’s so 2010. You get 4 floating cabanas that are attached to the back, or stern, of the ship. A giant pool with infinity edge, clear glass sides, multiple deckside cabanas, and a cove. A movie theater, a library, a game room, a spa, 10 guest rooms and a master suite 2 stories high. But every yacht connoisseur worth their salt knows that any run-of-the-mill yacht can have that stuff. What makes this yacht stand out is the volcano on top of the boat that explodes with water that flows down into the pool. I’ve already ordered 2, you should call and get yours soon. Check out the pics below. Plus notice in the overhead shot, obviously from my helicopter coming in for a landing, which end is the front?