Because of all the hustle and bustle of bringing in the new year, you might have missed some of our top stories from last week which included a 7 year old prodigy drummer playing Pantera and Avenged Sevenfold songs, what movies and TV shows Netflix will expire in 2014, and more.


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    Netflix Plans Major Purge in 2014

    Here's a list of movies and TV shows that Netflix will expire in 2014.

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    Conan O’Brien, Ice Cube and Kevin Hart Go on Search for Weed in Hollywood in This Hilarious Bit

    On a recent episode of the Conan on TBS, Ice Cube and Kevin Hart tag along with Conan as they take a ride around Hollywood in search of weed. They use the ‘ride sharing’ smartphone app, Lyft, to get a ride from a random person in the area.

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    Former Decapitated Drummer Krimh Posts Audition Videos for Slipknot

    Former Decapitated drummer Kerim ‘Krimh’ Lechner is hoping to become Slipknot’s new drummer. The heavy-hitting death metal drummer has uploaded footage of himself playing the Slipknot tracks ‘People = S–t’ and ‘Eyeless’ with the hope of getting the attention of the masked Iowa act.

    YouTube: KrimhKerim
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    7-Year-Old Prodigy Drummer Slays Songs by Avenged Sevenfold and Pantera

    Avery Molek isn't your typical 7-year-old. That is, unless the typical 7-year-old is an accomplished drummer who has been playing since he was 4. Because of his elite drumming skills, Avery has already been featured on Good Morning America, among other shows.

    Get ready to be amazed. This kid makes drumming look so dang easy. Don’t be fooled, it’s not.

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    Hilarious Holiday Chevy Commercials

    For the past couple of years, Chevrolet has put together some really creative and hilarious commercials for their “Giving More” campaign. These commercials feature an auto salesman that looks like Santa. The tongue-in-cheek comments throughout each of these commercials will have you buckled over in laughter. There are also subtleties that will make you watch each commercial multiple times.