With this week’s Question of the Week, I asked you where is the coolest place on the body to get a tattoo. Based off of your answers on my Facebook page, I created a poll and now the results are in. It looks like almost half of Abilene think that the back is the coolest place to get a tattoo.  Check out the complete breakdown.

I think the back is a cool place, but I also agree with one of our listeners, Jennifer, who asked why ribs were not picked as a choice.  Either one is a cool place for some ink - but I bet they both hurt like hell.  Of course, I am not gonna lie, any tattoo hurts for the most part.  Now, I'm itching to get some ink.

So, do you agree that the back is the coolest place to get some ink?  If not, then where is the coolest place? Leave your comments below.