I loves me some 3 Doors Down and I've spent a lot of time with Cold as well (we had a very blurry night in Abilene with Scooter). Both bands seem to be on their "A" game. More after the jump.

Cold is currently touring with Volbeat and from all accounts they are holding their

own (and evidently they guest on occasion during the others set). 3 Doors Down is preparing for a tour (we heard it could possibly be with Bush). 3 Doors Down is currently on their second new single (Everytime You Go-When You're Young was the first) on FMX, and Cold's first single (Wicked World) is just getting started.

There's a little something for you Rush fans too. The re-release of "Roll the Bones" will be issued as well as Rush "Icon" featuring a disc of "greatest hits" and a disc of "greatest live performances.

Get the 3 Doors Down here. Get the Cold here. Get Rush "Roll The Bones" here. Get Rush "Icon" here.