The Dallas Cowboys played their first preseason game against the Oakland Raiders, and it was sloppy from all aspects of the game.  Still, the Cowboys managed to win 3-0 in a game that was definitely a yawner.

The Cowboys needed only a field goal from kicker Dan Bailey to edge the Raiders in what looked like a bad high school game. From officiating,  to offense and defense for both teams, it was just horrible. You had several dropped passes, bad calls from the officials, a bunch of penalties, and everybody looked confused...especially the officials.

Yep, welcome to preseason.

It was only the first game of the preseason for the Cowboys, who had several key injuries on the team.  But, I've seen better pick up games at the park.   The starters were only in for a short time, but Dallas definitely needs some more work.  The offensive line couldn't block at all, getting quarterback Tony Romo sacked a couple of times.  The defense for Dallas was really the only bright spot in the game, with Gerald Sensabaugh getting an interception on Oakland's first series.  Other than that, it was a pretty boring game.  But,  I guess you can't expect too much in the preseason.

The one thing that really stood out to me, though, was the officiating.  Now, I've only been able to catch this one game, but these replacement officials were terrible (said in my best Charles Barkley voice). At one point in the game, Tony Romo had to tell them where to spot the ball because they were spotting it like they would a college game. Again, it's only the preseason and it will take time for the officials to get better, but I sure hope this lockout with the officials ends soon.

As much as I complained about this game, it sure was nice to be watching football on the TV again even though with this blog it may not seem that way.

How do you think the Cowboys looked?  What about the officiating?  Leave your comments below and in the meantime, check out some pictures of the game.

Dallas Cowboys vs. Oakland Raiders Pictures