Simple enough, each day we'll feature 2 songs, you listen, then vote for your favorite. This week we're changing things up a bit. We're giving previous bands a chance to redeem themselves. We're taking bands that barely lost in a previous Cage Match and pitting them against each other.

Yesterday, The Veer Union destroyed Otherwise.

Today we'll feature 12 Stones and Art of Dying.

Listen to both then vote for your favorite.

12 Stones "Infected"

Art of Dying "Sorry"


Members of the Cage Match Hall of Fame:

Candlebox "Believe In It", Janus "Stains", Prospect Hill "Townie", Brian "Head Welch "Paralyze", Ivory & Ash "The Mystery of Maxx Duvall", Weaving the Fate "Str8 to the Bottom", Ghosts of August "Scars", Waiting For Signal "Sign of the Times", My-I "Haunted".