The WWE pay-per-view spectacle known as the Elimination Chamber takes place tonight. The event includes wrestlers fighting inside a 16-ton structure that gives the spectacle its name. During the past few years, the Elimination Chamber match has become a true highlight of the year, as wrestlers put their careers on the line for a chance to become a world champion. Many have entered, but few have left with their bodies intact. Those that have competed include: ‘The Game’ Triple H, ‘The Heartbreak Kid’ Shawn Michaels and Chris Jericho, just to name a few.However, not every great wrestler has competed inside the Elimination Chamber. We decided to review wrestlers we think would have been perfectly suited for the brutality that one has to endure to emerge victorious form this match. From a guy with more personalities than teeth to a ‘homicidal, genocidal, suicidal, death-defying maniac.’ Let’s get started on our list of 10 Wrestlers We Would Have Liked To Have Seen in the Elimination Chamber.

10. Terry Funk

Terry Funk is so hardcore he can’t even seem to stay retired. Funk would have been perfect inside such a menacing structure. Not only was Terry Funk calculating, but he’s also just plain crazy! As someone who has competed in some of the most violent matches in wrestling history, Terry Funk would be a natural inside the Elimination Chamber.


9. ‘Psycho’ Sid Vicious

When your wrestling name is ‘Vicious,’ it’s safe to assume you don’t spend your free time sniffing candles at the mall. ‘Psycho’ Sid Vicious was a 6 ft. 9 inch, multiple-time world champion who had a mean streak a mile-long. It’s not hard to imagine what kind of damage he could have inflicted inside the chamber. ‘Psycho’ Sid would have been one powerbomb away from leaving as the new world champion.


8. Brock Lesnar

Brock Lesnar left the WWE to actually go and fight inside a cage with the UFC, so it only seems fitting that he would have been right at home inside the Elimination Chamber. We’d feel bad for whomever would have happened to be locked inside with him, as Lesnar was one of the most-feared grapplers of his generation. We doubt the other wrestlers would have been safe, even when locked inside one of the four chamber pods.


7. Abdullah The Butcher

Just saying this man’s name out loud is scary enough, imagine being locked inside the Elimination Chamber with him. Abdullah The Butcher is one of the most notorious wrestlers in history, famous for being absolutely brutal to his opponents. ‘The Madman of Sudan’ would do some serious damage to whomever was opposing him. With the chamber itself being a weapon, and with his signature fork, Abdullah would have been a sight to see had he ever stepped foot inside the structure.


6. Sabu

Sabu would fit in perfectly in such a dangerous match at the Elimination Chamber. Why you ask? Well, he once competed in a match where the ring ropes were replaced by barbed wire! It was a match so violent that his opponent, Terry Funk nearly lost his life. So, yeah, let’s just say he’s a little crazy. It’s easy to picture the kind of torture he could inflict on the other wrestlers while locked inside the chamber, so much so that we would feel sorry for anyone in there with the Homicidal, Genocidal, Suicidal, Death-Defying Maniac!


5. Jake ‘The Snake’ Roberts

Being confined to a 16 ft.- high steel chamber with a guy who carries snakes with him to every match doesn’t sound like a good way to spend a Sunday night. Jake Roberts would have enjoyed the match almost as much as we would have liked to have seen it. Imagine the look on the faces of the other wrestlers, as Jake untied his bag full of snakes and turned them loose inside the chamber.


4. Mick Foley

Few wrestlers would have enjoyed being inside the Elimination Chamber more than hardcore icon Mick Foley. A guy who seemed to enjoy getting hurt more than he did winning a match, Foley would have been a perfect candidate to be trapped inside the most dangerous match in the WWE, especially if he showed up as his alter ego, Cactus Jack, who was an even more violent and hardcore version of himself. Bang bang!


3. Sting

It would have been great to see the ‘The Icon’ Sting inside the Elimination Chamber. Arguably the greatest wrestler never to compete for the WWE, Sting would have been a great choice, and an odds-on favorite to walk out with a world championship. Unfortunately, it doesn’t look like we will be seeing the Stinger compete inside the chamber, but it sure is cool to imagine how awesome that would have been.


2. Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson

If there is anyone capable of electrifying the Elimination Chamber, then that person is ‘The Rock.’ The Great One can put on a show like nobody else, not to mention he is just as talented as he is arrogant. With ‘The Rock’ recently returning to the WWE for a match at last year’s Survivor Series and his much hyped, mega-match with John Cena at WrestleMania XXVIII looming on April 1, maybe our dream of seeing ‘The People’s Champion’ compete in the Elimination Chamber, while not likely, could possibly come true.


1. The Ultimate Warrior

Quite possibly the most intense and over-the-top professional wrestler of all time, the Ultimate Warrior is our top choice to see wrestle inside the Elimination Chamber. Warrior was an absolute beast, both incredibly strong and even harder to understand. He would have destroyed all who opposed him. We don’t doubt that he could have probably tossed someone right through the steel surrounding the structure, if he wanted to do so.


Well there you have it, if you think we left anyone off of our list, then leave us a comment below saying whom you would have liked to have seen inside the Elimination Chamber.